Why Coastal Cottages?

Unrivalled Level of Service

When you join the team at Coastal Cottages you will find a level of service unsurpassed by any other. Within your commission we do not only make and administer your bookings, we cover all photography, your brochure entry and grading, all at no extra cost.

We also are the only company that offers a full management service, should you want us to run the maintenance and daily running of your cottage. We have our own team of tradesmen and housekeepers that we can call on 24hrs per day and also have a great relationship with those in the area. The day to day running of a cottage, maintenance, calls from clients and tying that plumber down late on a Saturday evening can sometimes prove a little stressful! This is why our management team has grown 200% in the past 3 years, but it allows us to offer both clients and owners a service they are used to with Coastal Cottages.

Professional Advice On All Aspects Of Self-Catering Holiday Letting.

We have a dedicated Management Letting Team that will talk you through all the elements of letting from how to find the best housekeepers to tax planning.


One of the fundamental reasons for joining an agency is the power of the marketing, and Coastal Cottages remain the leading agency in this field. With a dedicated Marketing and Strategic Partnership Team, Coastal Cottages promote themselves worldwide.

In the domestic market Coastal Cottages can be seen in the National Press every week, as to with lifestyle and regional publications. Where the real difference has been made is the Press office. For the past 5 years Coastal Cottages has generated more press than any other tourism operator in the country.

As for the internet site, well you are here and as every operator now has an AWARD WINNING web site, we thought we would leave it to you to make up your own mind! So please browse and have a good look, not only at its functionality, but where we appear in the search engines. If you have time check out some of the experience sites we have on the home page. It is all part of the Coastal Cottages Experience.

Client satisfaction is Key, and that is both with our owners and clients that stay with us. This is proven by our record of nearly 75% of guests returning year after year. 92% of all owners that try another agency return the following year and that's a statistic we are extremely proud of.

Our office is open 7 days a week and we would be delighted to either come and meet you or why not come and have a coffee in the offices and we can show you around!

If you would like to see one of our owner packs, please supply your details using the form below and we will send you a free owner's pack 1st class. Or if you would like to call please do so on 01437 765 765 and ask for Rona, Mel or Sophie.

Enjoy the site!

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